At Amplid, we know from a lifetime of experience that great equipment makes all the difference in the mountains. An extra second of control, one more inch of pop, a flex pattern that feels harmonious from the start to the end of a turn; little points of difference like these inspire confidence and make your time in the mountains more rewarding.

So, instead of building a superficial brand from team and advertising and settling on a sub-par product, we’ve focused our time, money and energy on the goods that bare the Amplid name. Under the guidance of owner Peter, we work fervently to create state-of-the-art freeride equipment of the highest quality, that fuels our customers’ progression. Outstanding workmanship, sustainable thinking and a close eye on the small details are essential pieces of the puzzle, which is why Amplid skis and snowboards are manufactured close to home, in two of the European Alps’ most advanced factories.

Peter’s vision for Amplid, is a brand that’s responsible for the important designs, big ideas and cutting-edge technologies which will shape the future of freeriding hard goods. Amplid’s single-minded mission is to give its customers the confidence to reach the next level.

More than just a snowboard shop we are all you need for to help fulfill your shred fix. Come and have a chat or drop us a line and we will be more than happy to help.

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