Team Rider | Chris Bratt

Our boy Bratty
  • Age – 33 years
  • Hometown – Yeovil
  • Resides – Tignes
  • Job – Park Shaper
  • Years riding – 20 +

We’ve had bratty on the team for nearly 13 years now…. I first spotted him as a little grom at Warmwell back in 1995,he has managed to make a pretty good life from snowboarding ,with his 15th season coming up . Currently working at  the snowpark in Tignes and  you can usually find him on his skidoo or shaping features for all of you shredders , pop up to the park and say hi if your off to tignes this coming season 

“Favorite Trick = Backside 180 all day long”

What he has to say about himself…

Ive known Benny for a long time before he started Big Dreams, back when he was running Warmwell dryslope. I remember him pushing me to progress and actually learn to use the edges rather than just straightlining at the jump. A lot has changed since those days but we all still love to shred like it was the first time, especially when all the boys manage to get away together on the shop trip. Always a good laugh! You can find me in Tignes in the snowpark, I always like to meet new people or catch up with old friends so if your around come say hi!

Favourite Things
  • French Food
  • Some Good Sticky
  • Decent Bottle of Red
  • Pow Pow
  • Pistebashers
  • My Job

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