Nitro Power Pods

nitro power podsEvery week until Christmas (unless we forget or something..which to be honest is highly likely) we’ll be sharing some short “InFocus’ articles from our friends at Nitro, these articles provide some extra information about Nitro technology, team riders or the company. We’ll try and add a bit of specific information about each post so that it’s not just marketing BS… we hope you find them interesting and make sure you quiz Benny about the tech when you come instore for a visit!

Power Pods – extended width under the bindings, on the toe and heel side, tapering down to the origial waist width in between the bindings and out towards the tip and tail. This edge technology adds additional edge grip for icy conitions, and increases your board turning performance on a daily basis. Power Pods allow you to turn effortlessly and like a pro in any condition or situation.

Powerpods are available on a range of this seasons boards – we will be stocking the Diablo, Pyro, Glory Stomper & Bad Seed and add an extra bit effective edge to your board and help you crank a turn and grip in icy conditions and help eliminate toe and heel hang.

Check out more on the Nitro Site

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