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nitro binding

So, for week two of Nitro’s InFocus series we’ll give you a little more information some of the latest tech included in some of the Nitro Binding range this season.  We’ve been stocking Nitro Bindings (previously Raiden) for years and they continue to produce solid products that last. Some of this tech is new, and some of it is just improved from previous seasons.

Light as Air

Nitro Binding Air Dampening is the most effective and lightweight dampening system to date. Bags full of air absorb every shock to save your back, knees and ankles and let you ride another day.

Cable Reinforced Ratchets and Connectors

New for 2015-16 overmolded stainless steel cables inside of ratchets and connector straps – no more stretch, no more breaks.

Mini Disk

with angle lock feature: evolution at its peak! Smaller foot print and less impact on the boards flex, Nitro Binding mini disk sets the standard in disk functionality. The new snap feature lets you choose your binding angle before you mount your bindings – set it once, never lose it again!

The light as Air Dampening is great for those of you who’s joints ache after a long day, or are stomping big tricks, taking a little of the sting and strain out of each day can only be a good thing! We’re really looking forward to seeing how the improved straps and ratchets work, we’ve never had a real issue with Nitro (or Raiden) straps but anything to make stronger and smoother is good news in our book. Mini Discs have been around for a few season, the addition of the snap feature should make board set up a piece of piss, and is a really good option for board to binding flex and feel… it even works on boards with channels if you like that shit!

We will be stocking The Phantom, The Team and The Zero in the mens range and The Lynx for the ladies, not all the tech is fitted to each of the models so have a chat with Benny in store to find out what’s included and what you need – or drop us a message on here or facebook if you have any questions.


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